July 13-15, 2021


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40+ Professional Speakers


GRITT Summit is for the CEO, the small-business owner, the manager, or the employee who is ready to achieve more and dig deep to go far! Learn what G.R.I.T.T. really means and how these strategies will completely transform your business, put you on the scoreboard, and help you START WINNING!

WARNING: Be prepared for STRAIGHT TALK at its best. There will be eye-opening moments when you realize everything you thought you knew about business is not what is going to get you to the top.

This event will be a game changer for your business! Join us as we engage, educate, and collaborate on all of the fundamentals that will take your business to the next level. And with GRITT Summit 2020 canceled due to the global pandemic, we’re packing even MORE into Gritt Summit 2021, so don’t miss out!

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GRITT Summit Business and Leadership Conference To Level Up

GRITT Summit Business and Leadership Conference To Level Up

GRITT Summit Business and Leadership Conference To Level Up

GRITT Summit Business and Leadership Conference To Level Up

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2021 Conference Schedule

Jack Daly Workshop (Optional Add-On)

Jack touches on these ideas, and much more: 1. Sports teams, at every level, outperform most businesses. Find out how! 2. Proven sales moves by the top 10% generate a disproportionate amount of sales. Here’s a look at what they are doing- Model the Masters! 3. Leverage in sales means generating more business with less work. In this session we discover the “how”. 4. Most businesses seek growth of the top and bottom line. Most fight hard for small, incremental gains. Here’s how the few breakout to robust growth.

Profit & Cash® Workshop (Optional Add-On)

Join the Profit & Cash® workshop by GRITT Business Coaching (Optional, $295) Role play game increasing business and financial literacy. Learn how decisions influence the big picture.

Registration & Reception

Cocktails and Hors D'oeuvres Provided

Franchisee Dinner and Awards Ceremony

NOTE: for Franchisee Partners (Champs Chicken, Hangar 54 Pizza, BluTaco) and Wholesaler Partners Only. We will be honoring and giving out multiple awards to recognize our Franchisee partners!


Continental breakfast provided

KEYNOTE: Jack Daly

You Can Make a Difference – Business

Key Takeaways: 1. Class will understand the only thing that ultimately matters in leadership and life. 2. Will discuss how leaders can “Make a difference” in the lives of those they have the privilege and responsibility to lead and serve. 3. Session inspires to go out and make a difference not only in their professional life but in every aspect of their life.

Creating a High-Performance Culture – Foodservice

Key Takeaways: 1. How to hire the right people. 2. How to turn new hires into long-term employees. 3. How to develop culture in your store that attracts and retains employees.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate: Leading Through Challenging Times – Leadership

Key Takeaways: 1. Overcoming challenges in business. 2. Effective tips to help steer your business to success.

Decoding Human Behavior to Unlock the Power of Your People

Start getting the right people in the right roles using Predictive Index- an assessment tool that gives you an edge in hiring through insight of your candidates natural behaviors in autonomy, dominance, patience, and formality. Once you get the right people in place, use team discovery for one-on-one relationship guides, personal development charts, and coaching guides to support your team in understanding how to communicate more effectively to become a high performing team that consistently meets their goals.

Now is the time to DOUBLE-DOWN on Foodservice – Foodservice

In an age where many industries are being disrupted or becoming obsolete, food service is arguably as strong (if not stronger) than ever for convenience stores and grocery stores. This session will explain why you need to get in the food service game, or double-down if you're already in it.

Driving Innovation through Employee Engagement

This highly interactive session will include panelists from 3 companies. Come and hear their experiences on what works and what doesn't work when it comes to driving engagement and encouraging innovation at all levels of your company. Hear real-world examples of hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings driven by their employees innovative ideas!


From My Greatest Pain Came My Purpose

Key Takeaways: 1. Self-improvement is the key to create Oneness within. 2. Focusing on Personal Development within your company is the best kept secret. 3. The Success Cycle is the pathway to greater results and changing beliefs.

Why You Need HR Even if You Don’t Have an HR Department – Foodservice

Human Resources is often perceived as an extra cost for businesses; however, the opposite is true. We’re not saying that you have to hire an HR person, in reality, you just need to get an appropriate level of advice. Regardless of the type of food service business you are running, in order to successfully attract and retain good workers, you need to have a good understanding of effective recruiting practices and engagement and retention strategies, as well as understanding how to implement those practices in your business. A well-planned program that is tailored to your organization and staff can actually improve your business’s bottom line. Increasingly, employers in the foodservice sector are recognizing the importance and challenges of attracting and retaining good workers and are placing human resources at the top of their priority list.

What Are We Saying?: TALK like a champion – Leadership

You will understand what makes true communication and the pitfalls many leaders make when trying to communicate to those under their leadership. Will do real time activities to identify best practices and how they could communicate better in the future. What a true discussion is and being intentional when we communicate and understanding active listening. Understanding all the multifaceted ways we communicate to each other even without talking. Briefly discuss correct communication when disciplining those we lead.

Life’s Great Balancing Act – Business

What happens when life kicks you in the rump? Kick back! No not on the sofa. In this session you will learn about real life adversity, which happens to all of us, and ways that the speakers have experienced them being overcome. Learn how to take the bad and turn it into good in Life’s Great Balancing Act.

Why 2020 Was a Dress Rehearsal for the Future – Foodservice

Although fuel and convenience retailing is a resilient industry, many challenging headwinds are lurking over the horizon. Rising fleet economy, electrification, remote work growth, and other structural shifts threaten to alter the consumer routines that many retailers rely upon. The central question facing retailers in the next decade is simple: how will you convince a consumer to drive to your store or interact with you digitally? In hindsight, the events of 2020 were a dress rehearsal since retailers were forced to contend with a drop in fuel volume and question if their business was prepared to thrive or just survive. The challenge next time around is the lifeline of high fuel margins and stock-up behavior is unlikely to return. In this presentation, Frank Beard will dive deep into this topic and challenge a few popular narratives about industry innovation. As the co-author of a recent report with a global focus on the future of roadside retailing, he will also unpack key findings and share what retailers are saying both domestically and internationally.

Peak Performance – Leadership

Peak performance is the goal of every organization today, yet the business climate is continuing to challenge our resilience and grit. Teams are having to maintain a level of productivity with multiple new challenges and distractions added to their daily norm. Fear and anxiety have crept into our work environments and are threatening our ability to innovate and grow at the pace we desire. How can leaders create a culture of optimism and motivation to unleash creativity and call forth the best of their employees?

Leveraging Big Brother to Get New Customers – Business

Ever wonder how Facebook and Google seem to know JUST what you are looking for, even before you type it? Learn what they know about you and how you can leverage the same information they know about others to reach your target audience, build loyal customers, and grow sales.

Deep Dive on How to Interview – Foodservice

Deep Dive on How to Interview, simplify the interview process and analyze non verbal cues!

Beliefs Behaviors and Results – Leadership

Coach Bobby T. will teach and give you simple tools to make your Company thrive. Most company look at the external guest and the top line revenue. I will teach you how to focus on the internal guest and Bottom-line Profit. Also, I aid you in understanding the and scrimmaging with the team and implementing the 5p method.

Becoming a Situational Leader – Business

The pace of change today is so disruptive that visionary leadership is a requirement. Managers need a leadership training program that helps them be agile, lead situationally, and empower their people to succeed. SLII®, the most widely used leadership training program in the world, teaches leaders how to build meaningful connections with coworkers that create exponential impact. When this happens, employees are more productive and engaged. And their organizations excel. This session will provide you a high-level overview of a model for better management, SLII®, as well as quick start approaches that you can put in place immediately and start becoming the manager people need to help them become better at work and life.

Owning Your Evolving Local Market – Foodservice

From basic fundamentals of promotion and advertising, to new & evolving industry trends like 3rd party delivery – find out how to own YOUR evolving local market!

Benefits of Open Book Leadership – Leadership

Come and hear about a different and better way to run your business with an Open Book Leadership style. You'll learn the basics of what it takes to be an Open Book Leader as well as the compelling reasons to teach your employees about your company financials and business in general.

Evening Party, Entertainment and Refreshments

Key Takeaways: The need for genuine leadership today The heart of a leader You can make a (real) difference

Continental Breakfast


KEYNOTE: Chris Fields

Disrupting for Good: A memorable and motivational message featuring inspirational stories from Chris’ popular book on how passion + persistence = lasting change. From running for mayor as a teenager to breaking multiple Guinness World Records to helping save over a hundred children from slavery, Chris has been disrupting most of his life. Seamlessly weaving his own story with those of other ordinary people who became extraordinary disruptors Chris offers a clear call to action: anybody, anywhere, can choose to disrupt for good. But it doesn’t stop there: Chris will end by walking you through his personal Disruption MAP so that you leave both prepared and inspired to disrupt for good in your own job, non-profit, school, neighborhood, and family.

The Secret Weapon: How to Get Extra Hours in the Day – Business

Executive Assistants are the secret weapon behind helping leaders free up more time for their most critical tasks. From endless meetings to a barrage of email, there is never enough time in the day. True support with a dynamic approach ensures that leaders do their job better and use their time wisely. Hear from Lori Kimbrough, Executive Assistant to Shawn Burcham, Founder and CEO of PFSbrands. She will discuss her organized approach to helping Shawn be a more proactive and productive leader. Shawn will be on hand to recount his experience in hiring an assistant and discuss options available for other leaders looking to hire their own secret weapon.

Profit Through Technology – Foodservice

There's been a tremendous evolution of technology over the past 10 years. At PFSbrands, we're utilizing multiple technologies to monitor and measure various aspects of the Food Service operations within C-Stores and Grocery stores. Together, these technologies create an "Information Mosaic" that provides valuable insight and enables the PFSbrands team to work with store management to maximize profits!

Feedback: We Say We Want It, Usually Fearful to Receive It, and How to Give and Receive It – Leadership

H3 Team ( focuses on the Practice of Leadership Development. It takes the Head (Intellect, know-how), the Hands (Ability to Get the Job Done well) and the Heart (Understanding your passion, values, strengths, and goals). Knowledge without application is of little use.

Navigating Through a VUCA World – We got this.

Hollywood screenwriters aren't the only ones in the business world who need to know how to tell a good story. In fact, business leaders today won't really be heard unless they're telling stories. Learn more about how the power of storytelling can help you achieve your goals.

The Untapped Power of Brand Loyalty – Foodservice

Gain the competitive edge to creating your own raving customer base. Leave this session with actionable steps for tapping into financial growth strategies that will revolutionize how you do business.

Humdrum to Hot-Diggity: having positive impact on your team and enterprise – Leadership

Humdrum to Hot-Diggity: having positive impact on your team and enterprise Description: day to day interactions make up the emotional force field within which work gets done, communication happens and motivation goes up, or it goes down. Management takes care of planning, and basic operations. Leadership, among other things, sets the tone for positive or negative impact. This session looks at the secrets, hidden in plain view, for how to keep work positive, even in hard times. You will receive a free book for attending this session.

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Event Speakers

Alex Merturi

Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant and Multi-Unit Subway Franchisee Owner/Operator

International Keynote speaker in over 40 territories across the United States, Canada

Alexa Lott

Talent Optimization Coach & Director of People Success, Senior Certified HR Professional, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Kolbe Certified Consultant

Alexa is an enthusiastic and high energy senior certified HR professional

Alexandria Avila

Project Manager - Customer Success at PFSbrands

Alexandria Avila is the Project Manager of the Customer Success team

Andrea Anderson Polk

Founder & President at Andrea Anderson LPC, LLC & Associates

Andrea Anderson Polk is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Board

Andy Griffith

Business Advisor at PFSbrands

Andy Griffith is a Senior Business Advisor for PFSbrands.  He has

Anthony Pierce

QSR Nation Co-host & Marketing Expert

As co-host of the QSR Nation podcast, I get to share

Ashley Allen

Employee Recruiter

Ashley is a graduate from the University of Missouri and has

Bill Fonti

CEO, President of Boston FAM

A servant leader with a passion for developing people to reach

I have been in the Retail and Wholesale and distribution Business

Chris Fields

Author of Disrupting for Good: Using Passion and Persistence to Create Lasting Change

In life there are Dreamers and there are Doers. Some people,

David Smith

President and CEO of Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

David Smith is President and CEO of Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc., a

Frank Beard

Director, Safe Shop | Director of Special Projects, CStore Decisions

Frank Beard is a Des Moines, Iowa-based consultant, speaker, and writer

Grant Schulte

Retail Advertising Specialist

After earning my degree in Marketing from Lincoln University, I landed

Jack Daly

Keynote Speaker and Sales Management Expert

Jack Daly is a leading sales speaker and trainer with over

Jennifer Briggs

GBC Partner

Jennifer Briggs brings over two decades of practice in human resources,

Joe Chatman

Vice President of Customer Success & Marketing at PFSbrands

John Bleidistel

Director of Technology at PFSbrands

John Bleidistel has over 22 years in the technology arena.  For

John Schuster

Core Faculty at Hudson Institute of Coaching

John P. Schuster began coaching in 1988, helping to pioneer the

Jordan Spencer

Regional Business Development at PFSbrands

Jordan grew up in Zachary, Louisiana and after graduation he went

Jordanne McCoy

Content Marketing Manager at PFSbrands

Jordanne is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for brand

Keith Johnson

ATD Master Trainer, Corporate Training Specialist

Keith Johnson, ATD Master Trainer, has multifaceted experience within company culture,

Kellie Janssen

President of Henry’s Foods

Kellie Janssen is the President of Henry’s Foods (Henry’s) located in

Kyle Menges

PFSbrands Controller

Kyle Menges has spent more than 5 years in finance roles

Lori Kimbrough

Executive Assistant to Shawn Burcham

Lori Kimbrough, a professional with over 20 years of diversified experience,

Patrick Carpenter

GBC President

Patrick’s 30-year career includes senior management positions with two global fortune

Robert M. Sincavich

President of Team Sledd

Robert Sincavich is President of Team Sledd, a Mid Atlantic

Shawn Burcham

CEO and Author

Shawn Burcham is the Founder & CEO of Pro Food

Steve Nicholson

SVP, Corporate Development at Winter-Dent & Company

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has started, lead and operated

Tom Bagwell

Executive Vice President

Tom is the Executive Vice President of an award-winning International Truck

Trevor Monnig has spent more than 15 years in the role
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