International Keynote speaker in over 40 territories across the United States,
Canada and has spoken to over 10,000 leaders.

Corporate trainer for HQ has trained over a 1500 Franchisees, DA’s and FC’s

Why create a culture in retail? Because people want an experience; they don’t want to just buy products and be done with it. Most people will say creating a culture is too difficult, this is because they don’t understand what good leadership should look like in a retail environment.
When a culture is created in your organization its starts to attract the right people into your company. If an employee is in a happy environment and enjoys the place they work in. That happy enthusiasm naturally tends to channel all the way to the customer. All employees need a good environment that is fun, happy and joyful. Without culture, it is very difficult to run your operations effectively.
I created a professional retail culture for my employees to enjoy, so much so that they are happy to sell our products to the customers and genuinely care about my business and I have minimal turnover.

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