Andrea Anderson Polk is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Board Certified Counselor. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling.

Andrea previously resided as both the president and vice president of Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors (NVLPC). She is a Certified, Registered Supervisor for the Virginia Board of Counseling to provide supervision for Resident in Counseling candidates pursuing licensure.

Andrea is a frequent speaker at national and local workshops, conferences, and retreats. In her therapeutic work, she takes a holistic approach addressing psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of each client.

She is currently working on publishing her first book. Her therapeutic work as a licensed clinician has inspired her book as she has spoken to hundreds, possibly thousands, of people about the subjects covered inside, all of which has motivated her on this journey.

**A fun fact about Andrea is that her Myers-Briggs type is INFJ, which makes up less than one percent of the population – making her personality type extremely rare!
Andrea has over a decade of clinical experience in private practice to help her clients in their personal journey of healing.

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