After earning my degree in Marketing from Lincoln University, I landed my first job as a marketing consultant with the local newspaper – The Jefferson City News Tribune. Over the next three years, I had the opportunity to collaborate with area businesses on their marketing and advertising strategies. During that time, I developed a strong rapport with many clients through great salesmanship, effective ad designs, and strategic marketing plans. The most valuable experience I gained while I was with the newspaper, was being able to see which strategies worked to drive business and which did not.

Now, approaching 3 years with PFSbrands, I am still helping retailers reach consumers, but through all forms of media – print, radio, online and more! I have the privilege of working with our Central and Eastern Region locations and get to work with a wide range of people. It’s exciting working in the ever-changing world of marketing and learning about new strategies and mediums – one of those being 3rd party delivery. I learn something new about 3rd party delivery every day and am happy to share that knowledge with you!

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