Trevor Monnig has spent more than 15 years in the role of CFO for two high growth companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry. He prides himself on being a progressive CFO that goes above and beyond the traditional finance roles. Trevor is passionate about integrating the entire organization to align all business units to company goals. He recognizes people as the company’s biggest asset and leverages this by hiring for culture and nurturing healthy working relationships. He is experienced in deploying Open Book Management and firmly believes this transparent platform is the future of organizational management.

As CFO of PFSbrands, a 100% ESOP company, Trevor educates all teams on financial performance, financial literacy, factors impacting the business, and connecting each employee owner to the profitability of the company. He promotes data in all decision making, encourages exploration, and has a tolerance for failure. He serves on corporate boards of Burgers’ Smokehouse and Winter-Dent & Company and is highly active in the ESOP and Open Book Management communities.

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