Although fuel and convenience retailing is a resilient industry, many challenging headwinds are lurking over the horizon. Rising fleet economy, electrification, remote work growth, and other structural shifts threaten to alter the consumer routines that many retailers rely upon.

The central question facing retailers in the next decade is simple: how will you convince a consumer to drive to your store or interact with you digitally? In hindsight, the events of 2020 were a dress rehearsal since retailers were forced to contend with a drop in fuel volume and question if their business was prepared to thrive or just survive. The challenge next time around is the lifeline of high fuel margins and stock-up behavior is unlikely to return.

In this presentation, Frank Beard will dive deep into this topic and challenge a few popular narratives about industry innovation. As the co-author of a recent report with a global focus on the future of roadside retailing, he will also unpack key findings and share what retailers are saying both domestically and internationally.

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